Download Chicken Gun Private Server by Fruiser 0.0.3s free on Android

Chicken Gun Private Server by Fruiser is a frequent server to the acclaimed multiplayer first-person shooter Chicken Gun. The server brings gameplay changes including new maps, weapons, modes, and updated graphics. Users will also see new units of controllable vehicles, including even a tank and helicopter. The very basis of gameplay itself remains the same. This is a first-person shooter, where fighting roosters fight each other with the help of firearms. There are several modes, including standard options such as team combat or every man for himself, but there are also creative modes, battles with machinery and the like. The character is recruited opta, he can change skins and clothes, buy and pump new weapons and much more.

Game Features

  • Improved graphics, animation and lighting compared to the original game.
  • New game modes, maps, weapons and controllable vehicles.
  • Customize battles and the server at your discretion, which will allow you to flexibly choose the rules of battle.
  • A driving first-person shooter, where huge chickens act as fighters instead of soldiers.
  • A private server can be installed parallel to the main game, since it has its own account that is not associated with the original.

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