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Brawl Stars 3D is a MOBA, first-person shooter that is based entirely on Brawl Stars. It is a fan server and coincidentally a remake that combines the classic gameplay of the original and a first-person shooter in a full three-dimensional world. The game is still in development and includes all the features and content of the original, but it already has a lot to surprise. So, it's still the same MOBA, and the emphasis, as before, is on battles, with the participation of teams on small maps, where you need to use the skills of the hero, as well as shooting from different weapons. The first-person view makes the game a full-fledged shooter, and players will be able to shoot at individual enemy weaknesses. The graphics are in the style of the original, but with how much increased detail, many maps, fighters and weapons are re-synthesized, which makes the gameplay varied.

Server Features

  • A new perspective with a first-person view that combines the shooter genre with MOBA.
  • Dozens of characters, skins, hundreds of items and many weapons.
  • Improved graphics and physics, as well as aiming at enemies.
  • Open content at the start, which clouds immersive gameplay.
  • Easy controls and intuitive user interface.

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