Download Maid to Please (18+) 0.13.3 free on Android

Maid to Please (18+) is a visual novel for an adult audience. The plot of the game is quite simple and primitive. According to the story, a son returns home from another city. His father has married someone else. Now he has to share a house with this woman. He plans to take revenge on everyone who deserves it. By the way, his relationship with his stepmother was not good from the beginning.

From time to time, conflicts arose of their own accord. She tried very hard to make him look bad in front of her father and other people involved in the story. He plans not only to take revenge on the new perpetrator and the stepmother in one person, but also to get her as far away from his family as possible.

  • The gameplay is in the form of a visual novel.
  • The plot is simple and lacks any particularly interesting or unexpected moments.

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