Prison Empire Tycoon MOD (Unlimited Money) 2.7.3 APK

Download the latest version of Prison Empire Tycoon MOD (Unlimited Money) APK for Android. Experience the 2024 gaming trend that's captivating players globally.

Italian Mafia, Redneck and White Brothers gangs, prisoners in the same correctional system who are just waiting for the moment to tear each other's throats out; as well as money, construction, organizing underground fights and anything else - all this is Prison Empire Tycoon - Idle Game - a crazy game about the life of a warden who makes money from prisoners. Isn't it fun?

Line it up! Stratify! Make money!

At the back of an American prison, one inmate had no idea what the warden was like. And the warden is a man of extremely marginalized views. This is a quintessence of greed, bloodthirstiness and self-rule in the degree of tyranny. You, as the player, the main character and the warden of this prison:

  • profit from the hatred of prisoners (to intimidate them, force them to obey orders);
  • get rich by rehabilitating criminals (building classrooms and workshops);
  • renovate the facilities of the zone (make dining halls, gyms, showers, cells);
  • hire guards (from 2-grade-educated dummies to elite fighters).

And also to combine pleasure and usefulness - to watch some people turn into vicious bastards, and others correct themselves and later write you lines of gratitude.

Tip: If you choose to play the "evil" warden, don't overdo it, or you'll end up on the front pages of the newspapers as the most horrible creature. And, as they say, Game Over - start over.
Money Earn Multiplier

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