Attack on Survey Corps (18+) 0.17.2 APK

Download the latest version of Attack on Survey Corps (18+) APK for Android. Experience the 2024 gaming trend that's captivating players globally.

Attack on Survey Corps is a visual novel in an erotic style for adults only, the events of which take place in the "Attack of the Titans" universe. The essence of the game is. Both manga characters and new characters are given to players to manage, and they will be able to study their relationships, up to explicit adult scenes. The emphasis is not on battles with giants, it acts as a fantastic entourage.

The game itself shows love, romantic and friendly relationships, and many of them can lead to erotic and even sexual scenes, with the expectation of users 18+. The game has an invented plot, as well as a non-linear narrative, which depends solely on the user's choice, on what replicas and actions he decides to do next time. Stylish two-dimensional anime-style graphics are used.

Game Features

  • A visual novel with explicit sex scenes, the events of which take place within the framework of the "Attack of the Titans" universe.
  • A thoughtful and fascinating plot, as well as prescribed plausible images of all the characters.
  • Non-linear narrative, any action and decision depends solely on the player.
  • Convenient and simple operation, as well as a thoughtful user interface.

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