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The Promise of Hope is an anime novel about the hard everyday life of Anton Tyanochkin, a Russian schoolboy. Anton is an unremarkable guy, but he has managed to gather a group of real friends around him. Together they dream of the future, hooligan behind garages, fight or flee from gopniks.

Life in the Russian countryside is so different

While the boys rehearse in an emo band, fall in love and break up, get drunk and suffer their first hangovers, terrible things begin to happen within the school walls. Which then spill over into the streets of the town. All inhabitants are alarmed - someone or something is disturbing the peace. Could it be a serial killer on the loose? Or is it possible that the undead aren't imaginary at all? Maybe Indian curses have their own form in our culture? It is difficult to find out, especially when nothing is known, but the measured life of the town is under great threat, so Anton and friends undertake their own investigation.

During the investigation you will have to make difficult decisions again and again. And the consequences can be very different: from the disappearance of a character to the death of all the main participants of the events. So get ready - unexpected plot twists and ridicule from Death himself are waiting for you

Game Features:

  • Disturbing, but fast-paced and sometimes shocking plot;
  • a soundtrack to match every situation;
  • Thousands of pages of text and lines;
  • 47 locations and 21 characters;
  • professional art.

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