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Strong men and beautiful women, dating and romance, love and loyalty - all this is Tabou Stories: Love Stories - a game that will suit both guys and girls, because it will tell about the relationship between the sexes at the most interesting time in their lives. You are the protagonist of different stories, you can fall in love, flirt, make difficult choices that will affect the outcome of the story. Each story is unique, with its own scenarios and heroines, from romantic dates to intriguing adventures. Write your own novel, you are the protagonist here.

Meet, date, love and write your life story...

What makes a woman's love story different from a man's? A lot depends on the protagonist. In the game, you can choose a female or male character and start building a relationship. But it's not just relationships that start and end the story. In the course of the game you can weave intrigue, spin several novels at once, cheat on your rivals or rivals - in general, you can search for your happiness until you find the only person worth having.

You'll have plenty of time and thousands of lines of dialog to do this. Each answer will bring the character opposite you closer or farther away. Some of them like a firm character, some of them fall in love with romantic natures, and some of them are still undecided. Help him, and you will help yourself.

Choosing the side of the assertive and cunning player, you can destroy already established relationships. To do this, you can slander, quarrel, and push characters against each other. Being a sweetheart and favorite of everyone in a row - also a strategy. It will allow you to learn a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of rivals and passions, so that at any time you can use this knowledge for your own benefit.

Game Features:

  • nice atmosphere;
  • many pages of dialog;
  • lively communication.
Mod 1
  • Unlimited diamonds
Mod menu 2
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Unlimited keys
  • Unlimited crystals

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