Download Toca Life: Hospital MOD (Unlocked) 1.5 free on Android

Toca Life: Hospital is a casual simulator for managing a hospital as well as individual medical staff. Everything takes place in a cute world, and you need to manage the hospital, receive and treat patients, hire employees and much more. The point, however, is to prescribe treatment, conduct examinations and the like. You can organize rooms and floors, which are 5 pieces, open departments and manage them, distribute staff and so on. There are many mini-games that show the treatment as such, and there are also elements of strategy, but in a simple casual style. The player needs to quickly make important decisions on patients, as those do not have time to wait extra hours, and you need to have time to act accurately and competently, otherwise disaster can happen.

Features of the game

  • Full diagnosis of patients choice of methods line, which depends on the user.
  • 5 floors and dozens of rooms that can be arranged at your discretion.
  • Employees in the form of hospital staff, each character is an individual personality.
  • Hundreds of patients with a variety of diagnoses and limited time to help them.
  • Built-in mod that unlocks all locked or paid content from the beginning of the game.

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