Download TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars MOD (Mega Menu) free on Android

Transformers: Earth Wars - is an online strategy game in which you need to conquer new territories with the help of transformers. Alliances, story campaigns, PvP duels - all this awaits in a fictional game world. As part of the storyline, the player will have to build a military base around his own land. Characters are attached to it. To move to new locations, it is necessary to collect resources to increase the protection of the base, pumping heroes.

Story campaigns help in this. To knock out valuable resources, you can fight with other players. If it is not possible to play alone, you should join the alliance, jointly passing seasonal events and tournaments. Each hero has his own set of punches.

The options for their application, as well as damage, depend on the current degree of pumping.


  • more than 100 characters to choose from;
  • unique skills of each bot;
  • huge game world;
  • advanced skill system, strike combinations;
  • regular holding of multi-user events;
  • the ability to upgrade with the alliance.
MOD 1 Info:
  • Damage multiplier;
  • God Mode;
  • Unlimited Skills.
MOD 2 Info:
  • Attack Multiplier (x1 – x1000);
  • Defense Multiplier (x1 – x1000);
  • One Hit Kill;
  • God Mode;
  • Unlimited Skills;
  • No Bots Cooldown (deactivate this function on PvP battles to avoid errors);
  • Deploy Bots Anywhere;
  • Easy Win (Instant Win after deploy bots on map);
  • Working for PvE & PvP.

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