GTA: Liberty City Stories 2.4.298 APK

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GTA: Liberty City Stories is an open world crime action game, the next installment in the GTA series. Events take place in Liberty City, where the new protagonist gets into the world of crime and complex history. Gameplay is characteristic of the GTA series, namely, it is an open world with free movement, dozens of story and additional missions, stealing transportation and the ability to create atrocities on the streets of the city. The game is a mobile port, and brings a number of improvements, namely redesigned graphics and range of drawing, higher resolution and new controls. Otherwise, the game is the same as the original. In total, more than 70 open world quests are available, as well as other fun and chips.

Game Features

  • A fascinating criminal plot, which is designed for a couple of dozens of hours of passing.
  • Mobile version of the game GTA: Liberty City Stories with various graphical improvements.
  • Licensed music on radio stations.
  • Free movement around the city and the use of any automobile transportation.
  • Polished touch control, with the expectation even on not the largest displays.

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