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CSGO Mobile is a multiplayer first-person shooter, a mobile port of CSGO, but for smartphones. same CSGO, but for mobile devices. "What's the difference?" - You ask. And the difference is that this game does not need PC power, while retaining all the features of the PC version. The essence is the confrontation between special forces and terrorists on small maps, where battles take place in several modes. For example, hostage rescue, bomb disposal and others. Mobile version almost fully transferred the original, but with somewhat simplified graphics, while almost all the features and gameplay in place.

Two sides are represented and each, unique weapons as well as common guns. There is a division into categories from knives to sniper rifles. Controls are adapted to touch screens and are not difficult. At the same time, the maps are also transferred in pristine form in its structure, but with some simplifications and cosmetic changes, which does not affect the overall gameplay.

Valve couldn't, the Chinese could...


Yes, yes, this is a port of the Global Offensive as we know it on Steam. It's got the same levels, the same modes, the same weapons, and in short, everything we love and appreciate about CSGO. The only difference is that to enter the game you need to enter one of the codes (the list is huge, but easily googleable).

You can play as terrorists or choose the side of special forces. You can defuse bombs or plant them. You can rescue hostages or guard them. All means are good in battle. The arsenal is more than huge: from knives and 8mm guns, to machine guns, snipers and burst grenades.

Battles are fought in several modes. Typical "wall-to-wall" is where you instantly respawn after dying with a random set of weapons. "Ranked" - a tactical puzzle against not the most stupid living opponents. "Normal combat" - choose any map and shoot the most frags in the allotted time.

Game Features

  • Mobile version of the famous PC hit.
  • First-person action with an emphasis on teamwork and tactical elements.
  • Emphasis on multiplayer play in team mode, as well as shootouts with bots.
  • Detailed 3D graphics and believable character animation.
  • Familiar gameplay;
  • Preserved AI bots.

You must enter one of the following codes to enter the game:

  1. 110101199105066179
  2. 110101199105067454
  3. 110101199105062637
  4. 110101199105067032
  5. 110101199105063234
  6. 110101199105067737
  7. 110101199105062856

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