Download SIGMAX 1.1.0 free on Android

SIGMAX is a third-person battle royal game. The player finds himself on an island where 49 other opponents land with him at the same time. All he has to do is to be the last one alive! When developing SIGMAX, the creators were inspired by the cartoonish gameplay of its closest competitors in the form of Free Fire and Fortnite. After landing from an airplane, you need to find weapons and first aid supplies as quickly as possible to keep your health levels within safe limits. The play area gradually narrows, forcing players to get closer to each other. SIGMAX has excellent performance, so it runs well on medium-powered devices. The simple graphics provide a large draw span and make it easy to find enemies in the game location.


  • Unique survival game mechanics, where you need to constantly dodge enemies;
  • several game modes, including classic Battle Royale with 50 participants and 4v4 battles;
  • elaborate maps with a lot of small details;
  • a huge number of weapons for combat.

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