Download Rider MOD (Unlimited Money, Unlocked) free on Android

Rider MOD is an arcade timekiller in which the player will be able to control futuristic vehicles and perform dizzying stunts. There are motorcycles, jeeps and sports cars to choose from. There are 132 levels to play through, 32 standard races and 100 Challenges with additional rules for the most experienced gamers.

The goal of the game is to pass the track to the finish line. On it, the player will have to overcome bumps and jump over chasms. Passing any obstacle brings points, the more of them, the higher position the gamer gets in the rating. Management is carried out with one finger, you just need to point the transport direction of movement. And to perform a stunt you need to press your finger on the vehicle when it is in the air.

Important! In the game there are several types of missions: to pass a certain distance, perform tricks, collect crystals scattered throughout the level.

The player gets crystals for completing levels. They are needed to improve their transportation and buy new ones. Racing cars in the game are divided by characteristics from ordinary to legendary, with different indicators. Also in the game is available to change the thematic design after passing some tracks.

MOD Info:
  • High Money Earn;
  • All Bikes Unlocked;
  • All Wheels Unlocked;
  • Intrusive ADS Removed.

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