Download Idle Arks MOD (Unlimited Money/Resources) 2.4.1 free on Android

Idle Arks is a nice entertaining game with simple mechanics and uncomplicated plot. As a result of global warming, the planet is flooded with water. Most of the humanity died, the survivors are trying to settle on the water. The gamer will have to play for one of these people. The main goal of the game is to build and expand the raft to save more victims.

The building material is the wood that grows on the raft. You can use it to expand the raft to pick up people who survived the Flood. The team can be involved in the work, which speeds up the construction of the raft. If you try hard enough, you can build a small city on the water and manage it.

Then it is possible to build other rafts, recruit crews on them and add them to your collection. In the process of building, people are waiting for problems that are encountered in the ocean. We are talking about storms, strong winds, lightning and rain. These natural factors can destroy the raft, so it will have to be built again, which makes the game almost endless.

In addition to building and surviving you will have to sail on the ocean and find interesting places that you can explore and get resources there. Idle Arks MOD is a unique combination of clicker and simulator. It is characterized by simple controls, clear game mechanics and cartoon graphics, which will be to the taste of most gamers.

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