Download Fruit Ninja MOD (Unlimited Money) 3.61.0 free on Android

Fruit Ninja is a killer arcade time-killer where you have to speedily gut the fruit flying in front of your nose and accidentally avoid hitting the suddenly appearing bomb with your katana. Otherwise, it's the end and the level has to start over!

Slice fruit and set records!

The classic "survival" mode offers the player to take care of his future - in a humorous way. Reaction testing is the main factor of the game, which can play a cruel joke: accustomed to seeing colorful and juicy fruit fruits on the screen, the player may inertially twitch and cut the grinning powder core. And then it's over - the record doesn't count and you have to start again.

What else is here:

  • ever-increasing difficulty (more fruit and higher speed);
  • 7 entertaining mini-games (different from the main gameplay);
  • daily quests with prizes (boosters, achivas, etc.).

And also skins for various sabers, katanas, and swords. Some of them are extremely hard to get, but they are the coolest: they change the appearance of the weapon and add colorful animations.

Weekly challenges are activated and updated only when connected to the internet. Recording and saving records also works.

Menu Mod (Unlimited money, speed)

A Fruit Ninja modification that allows players to earn more money for each successful fruit burst. This means that players can earn more money and reach high levels faster. unlock new characters and swords.

Mod Info
  • Unlimited Money
  • Game Speed

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