Download Subway Surfers MOD (Unlimited Coins, Keys, Menu) 3.29.1 free on Android

Subway Surfers is a fun arcade runner, a classic of the genre in its gameplay. Play as one of the many control characters who are teenagers. Regardless of the choice of character, the plot will be the same, and begins with the protagonist drawing graffiti on the walls in the tunnel of the city subway, and he is caught Polotsky with his faithful dog. Then begins an endless chase along the city's railroad.

Running on the cars

All events take place on the railroad with a lot of trains and cars that you have to run. Which you have to jump over. Also among the obstacles can be fences, which you must either jump over or roll under. The trick of the game is that there are regular updates that bring new content. Mostly it is a new city where the events take place, and it is places around the world that change, changing the visual style of the game.

Lots of Additional Content

The game has a lot of features. For example, in the levels you can find items such as coins, experience boosters, magnets, as well as a jump stick, boots and a jetpack for flying. All power-ups can be pumped, which increases their effect and duration. There are also unlockable characters and, most importantly, surfboards, which are clearly not being used for their intended purpose, but as skateboards. Taki boards can be of different types and some are characterized by an active skill, such as super jump, increased speed or you can lie on them, which will make it easier to pass many obstacles.

Game Features

  • Simple yet appealing visual style with bright colors and memorable characters.
  • Simple gameplay, one-finger control, yet addictive in the later stages.
  • Hundreds of items to buy and the water to unlock many of them for completing quests. [Pleasant and recognizable brand music.

Mod Info:

In this modified version of the game you will have unlimited coins and keys, allowing you to buy all the items and improvements you want. Improve your surfer, buy new boards and accessories to become even faster and more nimble.

  • Godmode
  • Speed
  • Multiple Jump
  • Score
  • No Gravity
  • No Clip
  • Instant Change Line
  • Auto Reviver
  • Coins Doubler
  • No Coins Pick Up
  • Follow Camera
  • Stop Camera

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