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Granny is a survival horror game in which you will have to try to leave a house full of horrors. Be as quiet as possible or an evil old lady will come for you and then you will definitely stay in this house forever. The plot of the game places the protagonist in a strange and dark house. In addition to its frightening appearance, it is inhabited by an evil old lady. She literally hears every sound and wants to destroy you.

Only five days to survive

Your goal is to find a way to leave this place in five days. By controlling the hero, players can interact with the surrounding objects: open cupboards, doors, hide under the bed and so on. Unlock secrets, solve puzzles and get one step closer to the exit. Remember, the grandmother is old, but she moves very fast. So it's better not to get in her way. With each death, the number of days to escape decreases.

Game Features:

  • 3D graphics and pleasant music.
  • Created an atmosphere of horror that keeps players in suspense until the very end.
  • Presence of puzzles.
  • The ability to interact with the surrounding world.

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