Download Genshin Impact 4.6.0 free on Android

Impossibly gigantic world, crazy variety of flora and fauna, number of weapons like Syrian Saracens, spells that Harry Potter never dreamed of - all this is Gensin Impact - the game that became a cult favorite in the first hours of sales on PC, and now has moved to Android. No longer young, but still children, twins - brother and sister - were separated when a nightmarish creature attacked the town. It's up to you to find out who it is and where it comes from.

Explore, fight, live and make history


In the course of all the twists and turns, plot twists, thousands of battles and treasure hunts, you will gain a power that no other husband of the magic kingdom has mastered. For this reason, each of them, even the most famous, rich and powerful, were afraid to challenge the infernal creature that kidnaps everyone. But you have nothing to lose. And with a bare, sorry, ass, you rush to find the kidnapped twin. Before you will open all the doors, passing which, you will gain the power that even the most tenacious and insolent creature can not resist. But to do that, you'll have to:

  • go through 7 huge and beautiful locations;
  • defeat thousands of monsters;
  • make friends with similarly brave people;
  • equip yourself in hundreds and hundreds (!) of armor, each one better than the last;
  • solve dozens of puzzles;
  • complete a hundred main quests and an infinite number of secondary quests.
  • And also find love - because how can you do without it.
As in many MMORPGs, you can form a party and explore dungeons to find particularly valuable items of equipment that you can't buy from any merchant. These items will take you to the Olympus of glory and make you practically invincible in PvP battles. What to speak of battles with ordinary monsters.

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