Download Kingdom Wars MOD (Unlimited Money, HP) 4.0.2 free on Android

Kingdom Wars - is an empire management strategy game in 3D format. The action takes place in real time. There are three races to choose from: humans, orcs, elves. Each nation has its own methods of fighting, ways of survival, systems of city-building, technology and economy. Resource extraction allows you to improve buildings and production facilities.

The change of seasons and time of day affects strategic opportunities. The tasks are based on completing quests, capturing neighboring territories, and exploring the Dark World. In siege battles you can climb fortress walls, ram gates, set up defenses with vats of boiling oil, traps with stones, and mounted catapults.


  • Campaign and single-player modes with offensive and defensive maps;
  • no detailed controls for building operation;
  • possibility of looting;
  • no-donation development.
MOD 1 Info:
  • Unlimited Money (Buy Coins in exchange for Diamonds!).
MOD 2 Info:
  • Unlimited Casle HP;
  • Unlimited Diamonds;
  • Unlimited Gold;
  • Gold/Diamond Never Decreases;
  • No Castle Damage;
  • Increased Castle Food Storage.
Note: Unlimited diamond/gold will work only on purchasing gold with diamonds so that both gold and diamonds will increase as much as you want. For Increased Food Storage You Need To Upgrade The Castle Food Storage

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