Download Toilet Laba MOD (Unlimited Chips, No Ads) 1.0.3 free on Android

Toilet Laba is a mobile game with mod for Android phones by Russian YouTube blogger Alexei Gerasimov. In it, the player controls a ‘Skibidi toilet’. It is a toilet bowl from which a human head sticks out. The view in the game is from 1 person. It is to go through missions and destroy monsters with their bosses.

In the official application from Google Play after the battle often appears adverts. In the mod it is disabled so that nothing distracted from the battles. The number of chips has been increased.
Toilet Laba MOD (Unlimited Chips, No Ads)

At the start, the player must choose the characteristics of his ‘Skibidi toilet’. Then undergoes a small training to understand the mechanics and logic of the game. Afterwards, the hero goes into battle against agents. After each level, chips are accrued. This is the game currency. It can be spent on pumping damage and health. Also in the shop sells weapons, armour and improved models of ‘Skibidi toilets’, for example, ‘Warrior’.

Tip: you should not skip the tutorial at the beginning of the game. Without it, it's easy to get confused and unclear what to do.


  • The game is about completing missions, buying equipment and pumping up your character.
  • Many chips.
  • Advertising is absent.
  • Tutorial with Russian voiceover, which you can skip.
  • Low weight of the game.
  • 1-person view.
  • Works only with mobile internet or via Wi-Fi.

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