Download TopSpeed 2: Drag Rivals Race MOD (Unlimited Money) 1.13.00 free on Android

TopSpeed 2: Drag Rivals Race is a racing simulator dedicated to drag racing. The game offers the opportunity to become the king of the streets by diving into high-speed short-distance races. One of the game's unique features and highlights is the presence of a full-fledged single-player storyline. The main character used to be a cop but is now suspended from duty. However, he soon receives a mission to infiltrate the street racing scene undercover and reach one of the event's leaders. To achieve this, he must defeat all the powerful rivals in the city, culminating in a final race against the boss. Despite its linearity, the story can surprise with some twists and introduce interesting characters.

Outrace Everyone in Your Path

The essence of the game is to participate in drag races. These are short straight-line races, and the winner is the one who reaches the finish line first. Many factors need to be considered here, as the car's coolness is not the only decisive moment. Although the player cannot influence the direction of the car, only the gas, acceleration, gear shifting, and grip, the game is full of tension and drive. There are different tracks, competitions, and modes. Victories will earn money and increase fame, allowing you to buy new cool cars and upgrade them later.

TopSpeed 2: Drag Rivals Race MOD (Unlimited Money)

Features of the Mod

The mod for the game will give you the chance to get a huge amount of money. This will allow you to buy absolutely any cars and upgrade them significantly. This way, you can gain an advantage right from the start of the game.

Game Features

  • 70 cars based on real models from famous brands.
  • Thrilling races with tension and high speeds.
  • Various modes, including a single-player storyline.
  • Incredible 3D graphics with a wealth of modern visual effects.

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