Download Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD (Unlimited Money) 6.7.3 free on Android

Rope Hero: Vice Town is a crazy superhero action game with an open world. The events take place in a big city, where there is a lot of crime and supervillains. The main character will have to get into the role of a powerful superhero, and save the city from crime. However, nothing forbids you to commit atrocities, steal cars and attack passers-by or the police. The game gives you complete freedom in terms of gameplay, but there are hundreds of activities to do.

For example, there are all sorts of quests, combat missions, as well as racing and more. You can buy vehicles, weapons, and most importantly, you can upgrade your character. He is a superhero who has incredible powers. Can fly on the web, jump, grab and throw any objects and much more. There are different costumes, which you can also buy.

Game Features

  • A city of a couple dozen square kilometers, which can be freely explored and studied.
  • Incredible abilities of the protagonist, flying on the web, high strength and much more.
  • Use of weapons and vehicles, including those with built-in cannons.
  • Hundreds of missions and other activities, including story and additional.
  • Mod, which gives a lot of money and accrues more experience, includes and VIP.

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