Download Smurfs Village MOD (Unlimited Coins) 2.62.0 free on Android

Smurfs' Village is a casual city-building strategy game set in the Smurfs' universe. The player will have to manage his own village, develop the settlement, perform exciting tasks, play arcade mini-games and much more. As in the original, the center of the story is the confrontation between the Smurfs and the evil sorcerer Gargamel. The player will have to stop the enemy who will encroach on the settlement, as well as save all their friends from the captivity of this villain. There are different story missions that will reveal part of the story, as well as introduce different interesting peonages of this fairy tale universe.

Build Your Own Smurf Village

The little blue men love beautiful villages, and the player needs to build such a settlement for them. There are different types of buildings to be erected as well as living houses and more. In addition, there is resource production in the game, as well as quests and mini-games. The latter will allow you to plunge into arcade levels, puzzles and just have fun, diversifying the main gameplay. The game provides full immersion in the original universe thanks to the incredibly cute visual style in the spirit of the source material.

The mod offers a lot of money. A huge amount of local currency is accrued, which will allow you to build and develop everything without limits in resources and time.

Game Features

  • The adventure of the Smurfs in a magical forest, and the long-standing struggle against the insidious evil wizard.
  • Building your own village for the cute and little blue men.
  • Variety of constructions, as well as different tokologies and resources that can be used.
  • Fun quests featuring familiar characters, as well as colorful mini-games.
  • Isometric two-dimensional graphics with a very nice colorful drawing.

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