Download Angry Birds Transformers MOD (Unlimited Coins/Gems) 2.28.0 free on Android

Angry Birds Transformers is a crazy action game with a side view in the Angry Birds universe, which is combined with Transformers. All this creates a nuclear mix of non-stop action with guns and transformations, and with elements of classic Angry Birds. The player will need to choose an angry bird, turned robot, and set out to destroy enemies on three-dimensional levels. There are hundreds of different levels, full of traps, enemies and destructible objects.

Despite the look of the build, events take place in the depths, as well as in the foreground. It's also fashionable to fire, run, and transform into vehicles for driving and stunts. Situations change in each level, and the characters have their own unique skills. In addition, all characters can be pumped up, strengthening their characteristics.

Start with easy levels to get the hang of controls and basic techniques. Have fun and be creative, experiment with different characters and their abilities. Remember that it's not just about winning, but also enjoying the gameplay.

Game Features

  • Modification for a lot of money, which will help you buy everything at the start.
  • A varied action game with a side view, with racing, shooting and destruction.
  • Dozens of levels that draw the best and most interesting from both universes.
  • Several playable characters, pumping their skills and characteristics.
  • Transformations into different vehicles and back depending on the situation.
  • Three-dimensional and very colorful graphics.
  • After completing the in-game trainings press the up arrow on the map on the bottom left, marked with a cup on the 2nd line in the dropdown, go there and get the first diamond reward your first, your number of crystals will be unlimited. (clean install is required, you have to start over)
  • You can spend your coins by exchanging diamonds in the game. You also get 25,000 gold coins after each episode.

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