Download Zombie Shooter: Offline Game MOD (God Mode) 5.4 free on Android

Zombie Shooter: Offline Game is a first-person arcade shooter that immerses players in the fight against hordes of the reanimated dead. Everything takes place in the future, where the virus has destroyed most of the population, the cities are full of zombies and infected, various mutants and other enemies. The user has to act as a rare survivor who travels the world and finds survivors, especially those who know how to handle weapons.

You need to clear territories, hold back the onslaught of the enemy and move on with the story. The gameplay is non-stop action, whether you're holding back waves of undead or shooting them out of the way. In either case, you will have to use a variety of firearms. You can also improve the presented guns to increase their effectiveness.

Game Features

  • Detailed three-dimensional graphics, which offers a full immersion in the world of zombie apocalypse.
  • A variety of city and other locations where you will need to fulfill combat tasks.
  • Hundreds of monsters attacking from all sides, including zombies and mutants.
  • Fun shooting, a pleasant feeling from each shot from any guns.
  • God Mode, which includes a built-in mod and makes the game more fun.

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