Download Rebel Inc. MOD (Premium Unlocked) 1.16.1 free on Android

Rebel Inc. is a simulation of a peacekeeping paramilitary mission in the eastern unstable region. The game is dedicated to rebuilding the state under a new regime with the supervision of the UN and the world community. The point is to rebuild the destroyed region, to bring peace and tranquility, stability and prosperity there. Since the location raged war and devastation, the cities without electricity normal water, agriculture, without education and medicine, and much more. You need to find resources and restore and build everything, but you must fight the rebels to keep the region under their control.

Make the country prosperous again

The player is presented with a map divided into regions, each has its own population and there are different lands including mountains, forest, steppe, desert or settlements. The player needs to develop the economy of the whole region, as well as build and develop infrastructure, and other chips. For example, it is possible to realize help to the population, financial influences, build anything and everything, create new laws and other opportunities. The victory will be when it is possible to get the loyalty of the entire population in all regions. There can be risks in the form of corruption, inflation, as well as rebellion. In the latter case, hostilities begin, and the player will need to develop an army from the local population, as well as gain the support of the international peacekeeping contingent. Rebels can take back regions and spread their influence there.

Game Features

  • A living world that reacts to the actions of the game taking into account dozens of strength, economic and military factors.
  • Random events on some maps, as well as different conditions.
  • Sophisticated AI in rebels with the possibility of tactical tricks.
  • Stylish two-dimensional graphics with an emphasis on small details.
  • Mod that activates the premium version with all regions, advisors and other features.
Premium / Unlocked – purchased premium, as well as all paid content (maps, governors, cheats and advisors – all of them can be opened by playing the game, or you can buy).

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