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Bio Inc. Redemption is a simulation of dying or curing a person. The game will give the opportunity to choose two sides, play the disease itself or treat it in different modes and companies. A person with a fully developed system of organs, muscles, bones, nervous and circulatory system is given. The player can find a way to create or use ready-made diseases, gradually modify them to infect and kill the person. He in turn fights, heals, uses immunity and more. The game shows hundreds of diseases that can be used, and most of them are real ones with orphan effects on one system or another.

Cure the Infected

In the alternate main mode, you have to find a way to save a patient from ghibli. He can be infected with any disease from the list. So you need to diagnose the disease, stabilize the patient and find ways to treat him fully using different methods. For example, medication, surgery and others. It is important to remember the fact that the disease is constantly progressing, and, therefore, you need to hurry, quickly respond to new challenges. Both modes present a variety of scenarios with dozens of options and random events that can occur at any moment.

Modification gives you the opportunity to get free rewards and disables advertising, which makes the passage much more pleasant, because nothing distracts from the gameplay.

Game Features

  • Simulator of the development of disease in the human body, the ability to see in X-ray form the effects on organs or other body systems.
  • Alternative mode, which will give the opportunity to cure the patient and defeat the disease.
  • Variety of scenarios and modifiers, hundreds of types of diseases and their combinations.
  • Stylish three-dimensional graphics with authentic anatomy of the human body.
Bio Inc. Redemption MOD (Free Rewards)

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