Download Monster Life MOD [Unlimited Money, Boost] 0.5.5 free on Android

Monster Life [Unlimited Money] - arcade in the genre of monster battles in the style of famous Pokemon. Events take place in a small town, where live different residents each have small monsters as pets. And all built on duels with residents, in which it is the monsters act as fighters, while the player has to be the owner of the pet. So, you can create and grow your character, raise his level, care for him, open new skills. All this is achieved in battles against a variety of opponents. In battles you need to give instructions to the pet about different actions. For example, a taki, defense, the use of special powers and much more. The decisive factor is the tactics of action, but also the level of the creature. You do not need to get on the road and fight with too pumped up opponents.

Game Features

  • Stylized three-dimensional graphics, which combines first and third-person view at different moments of gameplay.
  • Free movement around the city in three-dimensional space and many interesting places.
  • Duels between handheld monsters as pets.
  • Difficult tactical battles, a variety of skills and abilities for creatures.
  • Built-in mod that disables any annoying ads and adds money.

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