Download STANDOFF 1 MULTIPLAYER 1.22.1 free on Android

STANDOFF 1 MULTIPLAYER is a team-based shooter in which you can play on either side - as terrorists or counter-terrorists. Your team selection determines your objectives and available combat equipment. But in any case, the enemy team must be completely destroyed. If both teams survive after a certain amount of time, the winners will be the ones with the most points.


  • Multiple multiplayer game modes;
  • Exciting game play;
  • Large selection of weapons, from pistols to sniper rifles to grenade launchers;
  • Large selection of maps;
  • Realistic graphics;
  • User-friendly controls

In other game modes, you can limit yourself to capture the flag or fulfill other combat requirements. You can join a faction of other users or build your own team. Gaining new ranks and climbing the rankings gives you access to better weapons.

Important: Each mode has its own tactics. Team combat requires active participation in firefights and attacks. Capture the Flag requires a strategic plan, while Sniper Duel and Arms Race require a powerful arsenal.

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