Download StandWayz1 - Standoff 2 Private Server 3.0 free on Android

StandWayz1 is a privately managed game server dedicated to the popular Standoff 2 title, offering a comprehensive replication of the original game experience, complete with innovative features. It has an expanded map selection, including recently introduced environments such as Snow Village, as well as updates to existing locations such as Sandstone.

The interface and mapping features on our server are identical to those found in the original Standoff 2, and we've also introduced additional functionality for map casting and grenade placement. By joining our server, members will receive a welcome gift, and bonus and share distribution options will be available.


  • Fully recreates the interface, animations and content of the original game.
  • Main game modes such as Bomb Laying, Arms Race, and Team Combat are available.
  • Updated versions such as "Snow Village" and "Sandstone" are available.
  • Improved map and interface collections, including Snowspace and Frozen Chaos.
  • Usable maps and grenade skins.
  • Gifts and promo codes for logging in.
  • Inventory rolls.
  • Donation.
IMPORTANT: To access and participate in the game on StandWayz1, users must first download the Standoff 2 app on their mobile device, and then register through the official server website.

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