Download Zombie War - The Last Survivor MOD (God Mode, Money, Ammo) 1.32.0 free on Android

Zombie War - The Last Survivor is a tactical action game set in a zombie apocalypse setting with survival elements. The player will have to manage a group of survivors, who will have to perform tasks on various maps. It will be necessary to fulfill certain mission objectives, and in parallel try not to die. The trick of the game is that at the same time you need to confront the whole hordes of zombies with hundreds of creatures at the same time.

You can use a wide variety of weapons and equipment to repel these attacks. Including pistols, shotguns, various cannons and much more. Weapons also depend on the chosen character, because each hero has his own class, and this affects the gameplay. The missions themselves, very dynamic and saturated with action, constantly reigns tension at every moment. Among the enemies are different types of zombies, which differ in strength, survivability and other parameters.

Game Features

  • Dynamic single and multiplayer action with elements of tactics and survival.
  • Variety of hero classes, weapons, different equipment and unique skills.
  • 10 maps with vast areas and a variety of tasks to pass.
  • Cooperative, as well as mode with division into teams.
  • Mod for money, which will allow you to buy any equipment and characters.
Menu Mod:
  • God Mod
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Money

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