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Goat Simulator Payday is everyone's favorite and famous goat simulator combined with heists. It is a standalone addon to the original Goat Simulator, which brings a lot of nova eluents to the formula of the original game. Now it's not just a crazy sandbox where you can smash everything, attack passers-by, perform tricks and so on, now it's more than that. The player will be able to become a robber-goat, and commit perfect and elaborate crimes to steal money, valuable jewelry and other items. True, robberies can go far from the plan, given that the protagonist is a goat, or other bizarre beast. He's clearly recognizable even in disguise, so stealth is a no-brainer.

Can a goat become a great thief?

The player has a base of quests, and they're scattered around the map. These are different weird heists, and you can use the skills of the animal itself, such as the tongue or badane, but also weapons and gadgets. All of which can make for some fun looting. Of course, the obstacle will be the police, but the boon with them can be reached. In addition, users will be able to use a wide range of cars. There is an opportunity to arrange a real spectacular chases in the open world. There are not only cars, but also bizarre transportation, such as a skateboard, or jetpack and others.


The game is available for download with built-in cache. This greatly speeds up and facilitates installation, as the cache itself is downloaded where needed, and does not require user intervention.

Game Features

  • Choice of four goats, which differ in appearance, masks and skills.
  • Crazy heists where the thieves are bizarre and ridiculous goats with guns.
  • An open world filled with strange places, absurd characters and fun at every turn.
  • Colorful three-dimensional graphics and fun physics of destroying objects around you.

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