Download Medieval Simulator MOD (Unlimited Money) 1.41 free on Android

Medieval Simulator - is a simulation of medieval life with elements of global strategy. Everything takes place the Middle Ages in Europe, and the player will have to become a representative of not very noble family, but also n the poorest. This gives you a chance to break into the people, to start developing in this dangerous miter of the time. Everything starts with physical labor, you will have to try to survive, chop wood, plow the field, collect different resources and much more.

At the same time, you can not settle down, become an adventurer, a free wanderer. The game barks wide opportunities for development, you can find your way to the top in different ways. For example, slowly but surely develop in business, or become a thief, mercenary, trader and the like. Eventually, you can turn into a lord, manage cities and castles and much more.

Game Features

  • Simulation of medieval life with all the complexities of those years.
  • Non-linear gameplay, the ability to choose your own path of development and formation in this harsh world.
  • Upgrading the parameters of the hero, buying different clothes, useful items and resources.
  • Trade, war, management of entire cities and kingdoms.
  • Simplified graphics, emphasis on text, tables and static images.
  • Money mod, which will greatly facilitate the passage of the game.
MOD Info:
  • When you log in to the game, press the Continue button, you will start with big money.

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