Download Spider Fighter 3 MOD (Menu, Money, God Mode) 3.34.0 free on Android

Spider Fighter 3 (Menu Mod) is a high-end game about Spider-Man, who again faced the eternal evil in the form of many New York criminals and their superpowered leaders, bred by scientists in government laboratories.

Night, gangs, New York...

In the light of lanterns, Spider-Man goes on the hunt for enemies of public order. The player is waiting for frequent fights with gangs of armed robbers, with cunning thieves using electronic devices, with corrupt cops, who have firearms in their arsenal, with military terrorists dressed in Kevlar armor, and, of course, with bosses.

Many of them are the product of genetic engineering, so the player will not have to fight head-to-head, but will have to look for tactical advantages, as many of the bosses have increased health, can be temporarily invulnerable, and have the support of gangs, cops or military. And some can call in heavy weaponry, up to and including tanks and army helicopters.

When confronting the toughest enemies, Spider-Man can hide behind cover that will provide a moment for a brief respite. From there, he can also shoot webbing at enemies, slowing them down or simply immobilizing them. And as long as the shelter is not destroyed, slowly regenerate health.

Game Features:

  • stylish graphics;
  • interesting plot;
  • diverse combat;
  • more than 20 bosses.
MOD Info:
  • Damage Multipler;
  • Dumb Enemy;
  • No Cash Decrease;
  • Shards Required 0;
  • No Hero Shards Decrease;
  • Remove all ads & Premium.

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