Download Survivor Adventure: Survival MOD (Unlimited Money) 1.4.2 free on Android

Survivor Adventure: Survival on an Island is a survival game that takes the player to a deserted island full of food, resources and exotic animals. There he will have to build a house, store food and wait for rescue.

Don't bother to build at first, it's better to explore the surroundings to know where there is fresh water and food growing. If we can survive for a few days without a roof over our heads, we will quickly perish without food and water.

Chop, Build, Survive!


After finding yourself a willy-nilly hermit, it's hard to imagine what to do next. However, we'll have an axe and a few other auxiliary tools. These will allow us to chop trees, collect palm leaves, fire clay and build houses. But we need not only houses where we can hide from the weather and wild animals. We also need a storehouse, weapons, workbenches and other things to make a life in the new place.

For food, fruits and berries are suitable. However, hunting and fishing are best: the meat of animals and sea creatures have the best nutritional value, and can be stored much longer when cooked. This will allow you to take them with you when you have to go inland, where all the secrets are kept and perhaps find a means of communication with the outside world.

Game Features:

  • modern graphics;
  • huge open world;
  • more than 200 crafting items;

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